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With the exception of pass/fail requests, student petitions require approval of the Academic Cabinet, 哪个每月开一次会. Students are responsible for submitting completed petitions, including the signature of their academic advisor, 通过上传 NPTS学生请愿PDF to 此提交表格; monthly deadlines are listed on the submission form. In completing your petition, please be mindful of policies outlined in the 神学院学术目录.

Requests to complete a course pass/fail can be made through the 学生申请表格 直接寄给 神学院学术服务s; the form must be submitted within the first four weeks of the term.

学生的政策 & 形式


北公园神学院 provides a variety of academic support resources for students including faculty advisors, 图书馆研究服务, NPU写作中心, and courses for writing development. 联系 神学院学术服务 有关详细信息,.


Your 神学院 career will be enriched by set activities that address your vocational development alongside your academic preparation. Some of these are requirements while others are courses or activities you can choose to participate in. For students who anticipate future service in the 福音圣约教会, these opportunities include a 呼召牧师 process which will help you understand the process as well as get a head start on building relationships and preparing for a call.



We realize that unexpected challenges and financial stresses come up in life and in seminary.  We would like to assist you in getting the resources you need to be well.  We have several funds that can go toward medical needs, counseling and mental health needs, 以及其他紧急情况. Learn more about how to apply for these resources.